From Salt to Beauty to Sports, 7 Secrets family of brands makes everyday a little bit easier and batter for people around the globe, with innovative and transformative products.

We embrace diversity and develop products to meet the needs of a global marketplace.

Our success is the result of entrepreneurial spirit, pushing the boundaries, and knowing that our commitment to the customer.

We want every single household in the world to know and love our brands.


Our vision requires the courage and conviction to believe that we will build a great company that changes the world.
Inspiration is in the soul of everything we make and sell. A laser focus and attention to craft, to detail, to colors, to ingredients, to experience. Our success requires it.
We are our brands. We are responsible for every single action we take, everything we deliver to consumers homes and every single interaction they have with us.
We are loyal to a great workplace and team. We are committed to building a great, lasting company for the long term. We are playing to win and will give it the effort and focus it deserves.




We develop operational controls to ensure that the actual results match the product specifications. Included in this process is the product safety and claims testing, confirming the product complies with all local and national regulations, and suppliers are audited to validate that they meet requirements for industry standards.